3D Data Visualization with Metrolyzer: Creating Space in Five Dimensions

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to data visualization. In today's increasingly data-driven world, we need robust tools to interpret and visualize complex datasets. Enter Metrolyzer - an innovative software setting new standards in 3D data visualization.

Why 3D Data Visualization?

Traditional data visualization often relies on two-dimensional diagrams to visualize entities in relation to certain metrics. While useful, they have their limitations. They lack the third dimension, which allows for the creation of space, and they cannot depict as many dimensions as 3D data visualization. With Metrolyzer, you can represent as many as five dimensions in a single visualization. The time dimension is visualized through a 60-second animation. This means that you can depict two more dimensions than with traditional colored line charts, significantly facilitating the visualization of complex data patterns.

How Does Metrolyzer Work?

Metrolyzer can read data from various sources such as Excel or CSV files. Each dataset is represented as a sphere in a three-dimensional space. By hovering the mouse over a sphere, you can display details about this dataset in a tooltip. Metrolyzer's flexibility allows you to easily remap the dimensions of your data by dragging the appropriate label to the desired column. You can also display points, lines, and surfaces, and a slider allows you to specifically limit the data shown, removing uninteresting data from your visualization.

Metrolyzer in Action

To demonstrate Metrolyzer's capabilities, I have created a 3D model that shows the development of the economic strength of federal states over the past 25 years. The X-axis represents the federal states, the Y-axis the GDP per capita, and the Z-axis the timeline. Moreover, the color of the spheres represents the unemployment rate: to the 3D chart Another example that highlights Metrolyzer's abilities is the visualization of meteorite impacts. The X- and Y-axes represent latitude and longitude, making the continents clearly visible. The Z-axis shows the year of discovery, indicating at a glance when interest in meteorites began. The spheres are also colored according to the continents to facilitate orientation: to the 3D chart

Share Your Data Models

Starting September 2023, another powerful feature of Metrolyzer is the ability to share your data models. You can share your 3D model as a link or embed it on your website using an iframe. This is particularly useful for data storytelling in blogs or on product websites. In a world driven by data, 3D data visualization with Metrolyzer is a significant step forward. It provides an intuitive and visually appealing method to understand and share complex datasets. Try it out for yourself and experience how Metrolyzer revolutionizes the way you view and understand data.